• Ratio 6 kahvinkeitin €370
  • Old School (250g) €9.90
  • Afro Fusion (250g) €9.90
  • V60 Craft Coffee Maker €24.90
  • Our Story

    Finns are known for being the largest coffee drinking nation per capita. For many of us coffee is the fuel keeping us going. What if we would take a moment and think about the quality rather than the quantity?

    The best quality coffee is produced by a combination of growing conditions and professional farming practices. As a specialty roasting company, we want to showyou the journey of the coffee from the coffee tree all the way to the coffee cup. In addition to providing information about the producing country, we will give you more detailed information on who grew it, how and where.

    With transparency and respect to farmers, talking openly of the whole journey and what’s involved, we can get to that sip of coffee and the feeling that you can enjoy the moment with good quality and well grown coffee without wasting a drop of it. 

    Whether you go for mixtape or seasonal singles, take a moment from hectic everyday life and focus on the harmony of the notes the coffee will create in your mouth. Let the taste of the coffee, with the music you listen to, carry you away.

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