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Medium roast made of a blend of Latin American coffees, with hint of cacao and toffee.


For every packet of coffee 3 euro will be donated to support local restaurants and cafés.


  • -Guatemala, Huehuetenango
  • Kolumbia, Inga Aponte, Nariño
  • Prosessointi: Washed
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In these challenging times many small businesses will feel pressure as the future of their business and all the people employed by them is uncertain. It’s important we continue to support local businesses by buying their products and it is important that we support those who suffer the most.


In the three years since we started Record Coffee we have put lot of effort to create supply chains through small and medium size businesses. Now that restaurants and café’s are either closing or slowing down their businesses we are also naturally feeling the effect.


We launched #coffeeaid coffee in our online store. By buying our coffee you will not only support us but also the local cafés and restaurants near you.


We will put aside 3 euro for each bag of coffee sold online, and for every ten packets sold we will buy a 30 euro gift voucher from a local restaurant or café. The voucher will go to every tenth buyer at our online store, for a café or restaurant near their location.


Even if you don’t win the voucher, by buying the coffee you are part of the effort to support local businesses and you can enjoy locally roasted, sustainably produced, high quality coffee.


But of course you can buy ten packets and be guaranteed a voucher.


When ordering you can suggest in the comment section local businesses you wish to support when we purchase the vouchers. We will purchase vouchers from businesses who have been tagged in in the comment section, you can also tag a business you know if they haven’t yet done so. To be fair we won’t buy vouchers from same companies again as long as we got new companies joining the campaign.

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